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Selection of Sheet Metal Processing Materials
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The materials commonly used in sheet metal processing include cold-rolled sheet metal (SPCC), hot-rolled sheet metal (SHCC), galvanized sheet metal (SECC, SGCC), copper (CU) brass, red copper, beryllium copper, aluminum sheet metal (6061, 5052, 1010, 1060, 6063, hard aluminum, etc.), stainless steel (mirror surface, wire drawing surface, fog surface), and different materials are selected based on the different functions of the product. Generally, the purpose and cost of the product need to be considered.

1. Cold rolled sheet SPCC, mainly used for electroplating and painting parts, has low cost, is easy to form, and the material thickness is ≤ 3.2mm.

2. Hot rolled plate SHCC, material T ≥ 3.0mm, is also made of electroplated and painted parts, with low cost but difficult to shape, mainly using flat parts.

3. Galvanized sheet SECC, SGCC. SECC electrolytic plates are divided into N material and P material, with N material mainly not used for surface treatment and high cost. P material is used for spraying parts.

4. Copper; Mainly using conductive materials, the surface treatment is nickel plating, chromium plating, or no treatment, resulting in high cost.

5. Aluminum plate; Generally, the surface chromate (J11-A) is used for oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), with high cost, including silver plating and nickel plating.

6. Aluminum profiles; Materials with complex cross-sectional structures are widely used in various plug-in boxes. The surface treatment is the same as that of aluminum plate.

7. Stainless steel; Mainly used without any surface treatment, with high cost.